Job Description :
Java, Scala, Drools and jBPM resources

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Duration: 12-18 Months

(need the right skills and senior consultants-Tech Lead-Arch Developers)

3-5 Developers needed mid-March

12-18 mo. contract, rate is negotiable

Initial work onsite in Cincinnati, then majority can be remote

Java 8 & 11                                         Dependency management with Gradle some knowledge of SBT will be needed

SQL Server                                          Tuning and index optimization will be needed.

Play Framework 2.4.X & 2.7.X        Migration will be needed

Scala 2.10 & 2.12                              Migration will be needed

jBPM 5.X & 7.X                                  Migration will be needed

Drools 5.X & 7.X                                Migration will be needed

Knockout JS & Latest React             Will be migrating from Knockout to React

The backend codebase is about 40% Scala, 60% Java. Below are notes from the
The application is built in Scala using the Play Framework and utilizes KnockoutJS, the internals of the application utilize jBPM 5.x with Drools 5.x.
We would probably need to upgrade the jBPM/Drools portion of the application over the course of the engagement, and the KnockoutJS would probably have to be replaced with React.
Developers would also need Java skills as some aspects are Java based.
We’re currently refactoring the codebase into logical components moving from Scala sbt builds to Gradle groovy builds.