Job Description :
Job Tiltle
DevSecOps Engineer

Job Type

Job Location

WhiteSource, Synopsys Coverity, IBM AppScan

Education and Experience

5+ of relevant software development or security leadership experience
Superb ability to persuade developers to adopt practices by explaining why and making it as easy as possible
BE/BS in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent
Strong programming/scripting background with extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux and windows
Languages experience: Java and/or C++, C#, Python, iOS, Android
Experience with developer-oriented (as opposed to infrastructure oriented) automated security testing tools

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Software quality and/or process improvement background a plus
Strong ability to problem-solve

Job Responsibilities

Configure and operate code analysis products, such as WhiteSource, Synopsys Coverity, IBM AppScan Source, Veracode SAST, Contrast, and Checkmarx
Ensure that source code finding, and remediation is integrated into the developer toolchains and processes
Assist development teams in integrating the tools into their toolchain and processes
Advise teams on defining their working agreements around tool usage and remediation of findings
Work closely with development teams to understand and address code analysis results
Assist development teams in acquiring necessary background knowledge to avoid writing vulnerabilities into their code

Hands on train teams on application security and remediation of application security code findings as well the use of source code analysis tools
Collaborate with teams and vendors to continue to enhance source code analysis tools and configuration, including helping with evaluation of new too