Job Description :
Job Description:

Note: The QE does need to have technical skills, primarily Java and Selenium. is optional.

·         Bachelors Degree or equivalent

·          Preferred 5+ years relevant experience

·          Two SFDC certifications

·         Good understanding of a functional area primary technology and platform

·         Demonstrated ability to execute on features of medium to high complexity within his/her functional area.

·         Partners with a more senior engineer to deliver complex features.

·         - Written code that others can understand, support, maintain, and expand.

·         - Demonstrated consistent, successful delivery over time.

·         - Considered a good problem solver who can identify root cause within functional domain and collaborate to identify root cause across system boundaries quickly

·         - Aware of interdependencies between his/her functional areas and other functional area, both upstream and downstream. - Solid understanding of a major technology employed in IT development: Java,, Front-End technologies/CMS (Object Oriented Javascript, CSS), PL/SQL, SOA, Ruby etc, solid understanding of remainder

·         - Aware of and understands trends, technical developments in the broader industry and how those can be applied at SFDC. - Basic understanding of the architecture of the major functional platform(s) within the group or BU

·         - Recognition of when to configure vs. build

·         - Work needs direction and oversight from a more senior member of the team

·         - Partners with a more senior engineer to deliver very complex or foundational features.

·         - Able to use and extend existing code framework to implement new functionality.

·         - Maintains at least one applicable technology certification

·         - Industry Standard ETL Tool (Informatica, Ab Initio, etc)Sql , PL/SQL, DatabaseShell ScriptingLinux/Solaris - basic commands

·         -Understanding of Data models - Solid understanding of a business area and multiple processes within that area. –

·          Able to actively participate in functional process discussions (level 3-4)

·         - Understanding of immediate upstream / downstream impacts from functional decisions

·         - Understanding of underlying data schema, data definitions and relationship to process

·          - Demonstrated understanding of both industry and SFDC-specific policies & practices. Applies them to his/her work effectively.

·         - Track record of delivering on features of medium complexity over a period of time

·          - Track record of meeting sprint commitments - Minimal code rollbacks or post production bugs.

·         A highly experienced professional with a full understanding of area of specialization;

·         Has wide-ranging experiences, uses professional concepts and company objectives to resolve complex issues in creative and effective ways.

·         All software engineers must be well versed in Agile Methodology & have ADM Training.

·         Works on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors.

·         Exercises judgment in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results.

·         Internal and external contacts often pertain to company plans and objectives.