Job Description :
Project Details: 
This team is trying to merge Sam''s Club App with the Scan & Go app which is their big initiative for 2018. There are two different user bases for each app and they want to bring them together seamlessly. There can''t be any mistakes or hiccups. The team''s releases keep getting delayed, but the rest of the schedule is staying the same, including the testing deadline. Really need this candidate to help with their work load given that the testing still needs to be completed along with the rest of their projects. 
-Need more resources on QE side to match Developer ratio 
- Need someone to come in and help build out APIs for their Scan & Go app 

Interview Process: Phone, onsite 

- take part in the manual test efforts 
- mobile diagnostics 
- attend daily scrum meetings 
- work on debugging issues 
- work to get testing executed 

Must Have Qualifications: 
- Experience testing mobile apps on both iOS and Android 
- Understanding of automation, but not automation will be required 
- Experience with Client and Server interaction 
- Experience with debugging (Cookies, Token Charles Proxy and Postman) 
- Good communication 
- Should be versatile and able to take on many different tasks within the team  

Reviewing the Resumes: 
-SOAPUI is old (like 90s), so are selenium & cucumber old 
-Candidate needs to understand all the SDK (iOS & Android) stuff, iOS changes every year so they need to be up to date since they use the latest 
-tools in SDK are always current so this is a good sign when he sees this on a resume 
-Selenium isn''t a hard no, but shouldn''t be their framework of choice because that means their out of date 
-TestNG is good, Git/source tree is good (he liked seeing this on the resumes) 
-WebDriver communicates with 3rd party and iOS/android so this helps the candidates stay up to date in the latest mobile tech 

Devesh Srivastava