Job Description :
ElevatIQ, Inc. provides technology and management consulting services and helps its customers solve operational and growth challenges with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Its services include digital transformation roadmap development, change management, business integration, system selection and procurement, vendor selection, skill development, and system implementation and adoption advisory services. The company serves customers in various industries including manufacturing, life-sciences, retail, logistics, professional services, banking, and insurance across

We are working with a client who is looking for " Mobile Apps Build Automation Engineer" at "Charlotte, NC" Here are details about the job:

Job Summary

Previous experience working on a project that has build and release processes integrating at least 25 components 
Managed and maintained a 24x7 CI environment (such as Jenkins, GoCD, Concourse, TeamCity) with hundreds of build jobs and over 30 build agents 
Experience creating Jenkins jobs with Job DSL and Jenkinsfiles 
Breath of knowledge on a variety of techniques and tools in the areas of build, test, deploy, and release.  
Have created and managed software package dependencies (such as: CocoaPods, deb, dmg) 
Owned artifact management solutions (artifactory, aptly, package mirrors) 
Demonstrated experience with multi-project build tools such as (bazel gradle, blaze, buck, pants) 
Ability to script in bash, python, go, or ruby 
Experience with configuration management tools (such as chef, puppet, ansible) 
Familiar with Linux and macOS systems management 
Strong background in Linux/Unix administration 
Comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment 
Experience with mono-repos and distributed build systems 

As a build and release engineer you will be responsible for managing all aspects of build and release not limited to: 

You will be designing and implementing a multi-language build system for a unified set of OS kernels, frameworks, and mobile applications 
Analyzing build cycle-time and optimizing software release 
Implementing software release pipeline for all components to integrate, test and deploy to production
Developing self-service tools to enable developer efficiency for build and release tasks 

Job Expectations 
A successful build engineer will be expected to: 
Have excellent verbal and written communication skills 
Exercise critical thinking skills, anticipating the needs of others 
Be an independent learner, insatiably curious, and know when to ask for help 
Demonstrate willingness to ask for clarification and context to understand the big picture 
Find multiple solutions to a problem, evaluate tradeoffs, and decide the best approach 
Have strong coding ability and testing mindset, e. g. CI/CD, high code coverage, chaos engineering 
Understand, retain, and perform complex procedures 
Be proficient with git or other version control 
Communicate status frequently to product teams and engineering program managers 
Document new processes or update an existing wiki pages

How to contact?

Sharmaine. Tambasacan | Account Manager
ElevatIQ, Inc.
C(D)  | sharmaine. tambasacan@elevatiq. com | https://www. linkedin. com/in/sharmaine-tambasacan-557290167/
https://www. elevatiq. com/