Job Description :
Hyperion Financial Management consultant,


12+ Months Contract

Phone + Skype


Act as an administrator of the Oracle Hyperion suite of products HFM, FDM, FDMEE, Essbase, SmartView, and Workspace
Function as a customer service technician through a ''help desk'' ticketing software system process, to provide assistance and guidance, through analytic troubleshooting skills, for the HFM/Essbase/FDM/SmartView general user community on matters such as system access issues, FDM loading questions, SmartView troubleshooting and general system Q&A
Perform ongoing application maintenance, upgrade, development, testing and implementation of application enhancements
Work with IT team on researching, evaluating, designing and testing system events including application and client rollouts, OS patch upgrades, hardware requirements and installations, unexpected system responses
Participate in the onboarding of new acquisitions with respect to FDM mapping, system training and understanding of financial close system protocols
Work in redesigning, testing, documenting and implementing HFM rule and Essbase script changes under general instruction and guidance
Interact with user community to understand standard metadata change requests and perform application metadata updates monthly
Work with user community in interpreting more significant metadata, structure and system function change requests, analyzing system options and providing recommended solutions.
Perform historical data verification and reconciliation of results
Gather Sarbanes-Oxley testing document preparation and fulfilling of ad-hoc audit requests within defined protocol
Perform monthly FDM load into HFM and verification process of subsidiary month-end financial reporting results, where necessary, with moderate guidance
Participate in special projects and perform other duties as required, with moderate guidance
Coordinate worldwide entity and account structure among Corporate Accounting and Corporate Planning department
Participate in alignment and preparation of HFM and Essbase applications with data provided by Planning for purposes of loading reiterations of budget
May perform regression testing of the application and document test results, with general instructions and review by supervisors
May administer security Group and User rights and privileges
May monitor and report license usage in an order to stay compliant
May work with IT team in terms of Development, QA and Production environment support and monitoring of day-to-day server environment health
May refresh and prepare QA and DEV environments for development efforts and/or training scenarios, where appropriate, with moderate guidance
May work with the user community, and 3rd party contract help, by providing system enhancement solution options, for design, build, test and implementation
May create, design, amend data forms for load into HFM with moderate guidance

Specific Knowledge And Skills:

Experienced at performing FDM mapping exercise of local G/L to Hyperion Chart of Accounts, and validate and reconcile results to high level financial statements
Experienced in creating SmartView and Ac-hoc reports
Experienced at troubleshooting Smartview related inquiries
Experienced at working with end users to aid in identifying the cause of system issues they are experiencing and provide possible solutions
Ability to load financial and statistical data into HFM/Essbase product via FDM, Excel template and data forms
Ability to manage HFM security by assigning users to role groups and ability to create and modify role groups
Experienced in researchng system errors through advanced problem solving skills and methodical elimination of variables
Experienced in reconciliation of historical data, during data migration and after implementation of entity structure changes
Ability to report upon results of, and provide preliminary results of application monitoring for determination of further action, if any
Experienced at performing metadata updates to meet business need and rolling out changes across DEV, QA and PROD environments via LCM
Ability to peform and document regression testing and have basic understanding of results
Adept in creating, translating and modifying HFM validation rules and Essbase calculation scripts
Good ability to create, translate and modify data forms, grids, journals, and task lists
Good ability to create and amend VB, MaxL, and SQL scripting
Experienced at proposing system solutions for requested system enhancements, design, build, test and document according to specifications