Job Description :
PROJECT: project barista - open source license management. Our intent is to build a developer focused, pure Open Source solution for OSS license management. Our goals include but are not limited to:
1. maintain a license inventory system of record per project/service/product for OSS consumption within the organization
2. automate workflow supporting our OSS policies and governance models designed to streamline development and software management team efforts
3. automate license impact analysis related to OSS consumption
4. automate copyright attribution analysis related to OSS consumption
5. automate OSS vulnerability scanning
6. automate OSS contribution and release processes to the extent possible

IDEAL BACKGROUND: Someone with strong CI/CD experience, specifically with the Jenkins Tool would be ideal. Someone who has a demonstrated history of contribution to public open source projects would bring good perspective.

TOP REQUIREMENTS: Front-end experience (Javascript, CSS, HTML), node.js, PostgreSQL.

* What experience will set candidates apart from one another
-CI/CD experience with Jenkins
-Experience with the GitHub API
-Automated test development experience

SOFT SKILLS: Maturity to be productive and efficient without constant supervision. Good communication skills to work with distributed team members via conference calls and screen sharing sessions. Patience with our end user development community to deliver and support the most productive solution


- Write well-crafted, well-tested, readable, maintainable code (node.js, javascript, PostgreSQL)
- Participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and distribute knowledge
- Support user community with questions and issues
- Act on feedback to learn and grow

Experience & Skills

- Must have 5+ years of software engineering industry experience.
- Experience with object-oriented programming
- Experience with functional programming
- Experience working with relational databases (PostgreSQL)
- Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
- Good understanding of how browsers and DOM work
- Proficiency with Git or other distributed version control systems
- Proficiency with browser developer tools
- Proficiency with the Unix command line interface
- Experience working with leading JavaScript frameworks (Express, Hapi.js)
- Proficiency in Vanilla JavaScript and the pros/cons of when to employ it versus a JavaScript framework (Angular, React, etc)
- Proficiency in Jenkins and continuous integration tools