Job Description :
Job Title: Data Stage Developer

Location: Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX

Duration: Full Time/Permanent


Create requirements clarification documents
Develop Conceptual and Logical models to ensure Business data requirements are completely captured and clearly expressed in the model.
Design, develop and implement data ingestion, data flows and data processing.
Design and implement solutions to handle ad-hoc and structured queries.
Conduct Physical database design review to ensure database design standards, including naming and abbreviations have been followed; availability, recovery, archiving and purging procedures are defined; properly update meta-data repository
Create and maintain relevant database objects — including, but not limited to, tables, views, user defined functions, indexes, constraints SQL (Structured Query Language) code, and stored procedures;
Partition and bucketing tables within each data set, as necessary;
Ensure data integrity within each data set and allow linkage to other appropriate data sets and procedures; including testing any new database design against previous data structures;
Maintain performance reporting.
Develop and implement data archival and purge procedures.
Conduct performance assessment and tuning activities within and for each appropriate set — including, but not limited to, data compression, encryption, data (base) set partition;
Recommend organization and integration of data to enhance operating efficiency and performance;
Assist with automating the various periodic (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc data set processing jobs that are currently running manually;
Standardize the several periodic/regularly occurring (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc ETL (extract, transform, and load) data processes;
Propose and create alerts and technical metadata when data load anomalies occur;
Assist the SMEs and Data Management Branch in validating database designs and in implementation of data integration procedures;
Where appropriate, use reporting tools, query languages or views to generate regular reports;
Assist DBA’s during deployment into stage and production environments; Provide a process for loading relevant data sets in accordance with current DERA architecture and framework requirements and standards
Develop or use existing processes to capture real time ETL metadata about each load.


Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, applied mathematics, or other relevant discipline; Master’s Degree preferred
Experience and working knowledge of DataStage ETL tool

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