Job Description :
UHC, 7440 Woodland Dr., Indianapolis IN or telecommuter (can sit anywhere in US)

What is the specific title of the position Facets Benefits Configuration Analyst. Facets Provider/Pricing Configuration Analyst, and Facets Enrollment & Billing Configuration Analyst.

What Project/Projects will the candidate be working on while on assignment UHO Facets program

Is this person a sole contributor or part of a team part of a team(s)
If so, please describe the team (Name of team, size of team, etc Product Configuration Team - 8 members. Customer Service Configuration Team - 2 members, Billing and Config team- 5 members, ProviderPricing Config - 3 members, Business Configuration Team - 5 members, Technical Config team/HIPPA Gateway - 6 members.
These positions are required to provide the manpower to successfully configure and migrate products and members from the GRI and HealthMarkets mainframes.

What are the top 5-10 responsibilities for this position (Please be detailed as to what the candidate is expected to do or complete on a daily basis)

1. Responsible for the interpretation of Agile features, development of solutions and creation of configuration. e.g. Product & Benefit Configuration and or claim adjudication
2. Performs post implementation review and analysis.
3. Participates in the development and implementation of strategies required for UHOne Program Increments and feature roadmaps.
4. Responsible for the accurate and timely configuration. e.g. benefit plan designs, authorization rules, and or Claims Work Flow Overrides, in Facets.
5. Investigates and addresses system gaps including the design and implementation of solutions as necessary.
6. Prepares detailed analyses and reports for internal customers when necessary.
7. Maintains detailed documentation related to work assignments to support audit processes.
8. Creates and maintains CA Agile central features used to facilitate configuration implementation and testing.
9. Identifies and communicates configuration defects.
10. Participates & collaborates within scrum teams to define configuration features.
11. Responsible for timely investigation and resolution of claim review inquiries from internal customers.
12. Represents the business configuration team on committees and Agile Scrum teams.
13. Performs other duties as assigned.

What software tools/skills are needed to perform these daily responsibilities
5 or more years of Facets configuration and workflow rules configuration experience. Experience utilizing query tools to extract data from relational databases.

What skills/attributes are a must have
Exceptional skills in critical thinking and problem solving.
Ability to manage multiple assignments with a high level of autonomy and independence.
Demonstrated skills in Microsoft Excel and Access.
Strong analytical ability.
Excellent organizational and communication skills.
Excellent interpersonal, & collaboration skills

What skills/attributes are nice to have Working within an agile framework

Minimum Education:
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Healthcare Administration, Business Management or other related field or equivalent experience in a health care organization.

Where is the work to be performed (Please list preferred Client facility, if other please specify i.e. remote work, rural, etc

UHC, 7440 Woodland Dr., Indianapolis IN or telecommuter.

M-F 8a-5p ET

Who will be conducting interviews (Please list names and titles of interviewers) John Baker, Director Business Configuration . T | E-mail:

What type of interview process is preferred (Face to face, phone, Skype, or a combination of the three) Phone/Skype if unable to interview face to face