Job Description :
Please note this is NOT a Sr level, more entry level - intermediate level.

We aren''t looking for just the typical DevOps Engineer. We are seeking an innovative technology Evangelist to help transform Medicare & Retirement''s Insurance Solutions IT organization!

We are searching for a DevOps Engineer to help mature our continuous integration and delivery of software. We need your help to support our current CI/CD platform and to shape, design, and drive the future way in which software is built and deployed. You will work to drive commonality and simplicity across the various deliverable artifacts in our environment. We''re a DevOps team, responsible for environment builds, CI/CD and support of a variety of products. Come join our diverse team of engineers working together on our new platform.

The Team:
- We value curiosity and learning.
- We value usable and working solutions now over a perfect solution later.
- We value diversity of opinion.
- We value continuous improvement.
- We value solving problems through automation.
- We value context and responsibility over management visibility and direction.
- We value making decisions based on facts.
- We value building it right over building it fast.
- We value collaboration, sharing our knowledge freely.
- We value individual efforts and team collaboration and support

- Environment Build and Support
- CI/CD Pipeline build and automation
- Day to Day collaboration with Scrum Teams, providing support to our developers and testers
- Participation in a rotation for operations support, prod and non-prod
- Participation in software release and deployment activities.
- Writing appropriate levels of documentation.

Required Qualifications:
? 1+ years of IT experience on Linux Platform
? 1+ years of IT experience on web-based products
? 1+ years of experience working on large scale, multiple team projects
? 1+ years of experience with Agile methodologies and Test Driven Development
? 1+ years of experience with CI/CD tools (like Jenkins, Sonar, Fortify, XLDeploy, Maven, Docker, Chef, Terraform)
? 1+ years of experience with at least 1 scripting language such as (Groovy, Shell, Python or PowerShell)

Preferred Qualifications:
? Relational database experience,(preferably a recent version of Oracle)
? Chef, Terraform or other infrastructure automation tools
? Cloud based experience (Redhat OpenShift, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure)
? Github (or Git)
? Scripted environments experience
? Kubernetes experience
? Configuration as code experience
? Infrastructure experience
? Operations experience
? Knowledge of Microservice Architecture
? Database change automation experience
? Real-time automated metrics and reporting experience
? Monitoring and alerting experience with Dynatrace, Splunk