Job Description :
Requirement 1: Security Architecture Analyst

Location: Washington, DC

Hiring Mode : Contract 12+ Months & Full time 

(7+ yrs of exp

Essential Job Functions:

Work with project teams to define security requirements for new systems in line with the enterprise information security architecture
Provide security design recommendations based on enterprise information security architecture and solution patterns
Provide guidance and assist in the development of security standards for IT platforms in line with the information security architecture
Maintain an up-to-date understanding of emerging trends in information security architecture and apply new techniques and trends (in-line with overall information security objectives and risk tolerance of the WBG) to the WBG’s information security architecture
Perform controls reviews and system assessments to develop risk profiles for IT systems and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT control environment
Maintain impartiality around IT systems to produce unbiased reports on information security risk
Provide business units with recommendations to reduce information security risk within their areas
Identify efficiencies to improve the performance and responsiveness of the ITSSR information security architecture function
Prepare and present security design and architectural review reports to system owners, business units, and other
Evaluate WBG current software security posture and propose mitigation and remediation plans to meet software security assurance requirements
Translate technical security deficiencies into business risks that are understandable by business stakeholders in order to get buy-in for security investments