Job Description :
The DevOps Engineer is responsible for maturing the DevOps mindset within the agile teams using techniques such as Acceptance Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery to provide quality products with seamless integration across Development, Quality Assurance, Infrastructure, Operations, and Release Management roles.

The successful candidate will be a servant leader who develops and supports a learning organization model through coaching, training, and mentorship. The successful candidate will be one that can adapt as necessary for unintended consequences of this change initiative and one that understands the value of commitments to delivery made by a development team. Blogging and community support are a part of this role.

Candidates will work in a DevOps team environment and are expected to work on both tactical and strategic assignments. Since the team is very young in its adoption of DevOps principles there is still a fair amount of manual maintenance work. Candidates are expected to handle the manual work while figuring out how to automate it. This position is part of a team dedicated to a large initiative already underway that demands commitment and innovation.

Required Qualifications:
? 4 years of IT experience on web-based products
? 2 years of experience working on large scale, multiple team projects
? 1 years of experience with Agile methodologies and Test Driven Development
? 2+ years of experience with CI/CD tools (like Jenkins, Sonar, Fortify, XLDeploy, Maven, Flyway DB, Ansible)
? 2 years of experience in at least 1 high level programming language such as JAVA, C, C#, or C++
? 2 years of experience with at least 1 scripting language such as Perl, Python or PowerShell.
? 1 years of experience with programmatic interaction with a relational database, preferably a recent version of SQL Server.

Preferred Qualifications:
? Chef++ , Ansible
? Cloud based experience (OpenShift, Amazon Web Services)
? Git (contributions on Github++)
? Scripted environments experience
? Configuration as code experience
? Infrastructure experience
? Operations experience
? Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) experience
? Database change automation experience
? Real-time automated metrics and reporting experience
? Monitoring and alerting experience with Elk, Dynatrace, Splunk
? EDI knowledge