Job Description :
Hi Team,

Please go through below Job description and help us for finding suitable profiles for my Client Requirement. 

Role: Android Developer

Location: Detroit, MI

Customer: Visteon

Duration: 6-12 Months

Key Responsibilities:
The Software Engineer will be responsible for application development and support including story elaboration, estimation, analysis, design, programming, unit/integration testing and code debugging leveraging the Scrum framework. This person will work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional, and Agile environment and will assume a lead role for various practices and decisions. This person will…
Test-drive code
Elaborate, estimate, and design for small increments of work…just-in-time 
Perform root cause analysis, technology evaluation, and design spikes
Commit to completing well-defined work and deliver on those commitments
Swarm around tasks along with other Scrum team members
Pair program with different people in many situations
Report status of assigned software development and/or maintenance tasks
Consistently follow the specified software development methodology
Model courageous and continuous learning to the team. Actively help team members continuously learn
Promote improvements in programming practices such as acceptance test driven development, continuous integration, and test automation
Continuously learn and challenge the organization concerning new practices, processes, technologies, and languages
Build a strong team using their collaboration skills. Interview and mentor team members.
Provide leadership and assistance among and across teams/organizations
Prospective candidates possess a high degree of business insight, creativity, decision making skills, a drive for results, the ability to negotiate, the ability to develop peer relationships, and a strong technical learning capability.

BS in Computer Science or other field of study along with applicable work experience
Experience with Android UI design (including custom views)
Experience writing Android clients for Web Services (REST, RPC, and/or SOAP)
Experience with Android Activities and Fragments
Experience with multi-threaded development on Android platforms
Firm understanding of Intents, ContentProviders, Services, BroadcastReceivers, AsyncTask, Handlers and AIDL.
Experience with SQL Lite on Android
Proven experience with object-oriented design and design patterns
Experience using source code control systems such as Git
Knowledge of XML parsing, and/or DOM traversal.
Knowledge of and desire to work in an Agile development environment
Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
Creative problem solving skills and ability to effectively communicate and translate feedback, needs and solutions
Must have strong teamwork orientation and the ability to foster collaboration within and across teams
Must have the desire to be a people leader
Needs good work ethic and strong sense of ownership of end result

Experience as developer on App(s) publicly available in the Google Play App Market
Experience with native Android UI development for phones and tablets (multi-resolutions, resource utilization such as images, layouts, strings)
Experience with Agile development methodologies including XP practices such as test driven development and pair programming
Awareness of the Android UI/UX guidelines
Experience with mapping and search providers
Experience with other Google APIs (licensing, in-app billing, etc)
Experience developing Android Widgets
Experience with Bluetooth, NFC, Location and/or Accelerometer; other sensors
Experience with Internationalization and Localization