Job Description :
Job Title: Director, Emerging Markets and Custom Services Products - Direct Hire 

Location: Arlington, VA

Position Type: Full Time

Position Summary:  

Describe below the primary purpose and function of this job  
Directs and oversees all aspects of product life cycle management including 
understanding customer needs/demands/business models, technology trends,
and the competitive environment for a diverse product portfolio. Responsible for
managing the strategic product roadmap, product development, product launch,
and product analysis and support in order to gain maximum benefit from each
product. Expert in the product management field''s concepts, practices, and
procedures. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals for
products and for individual team members. Leads and directs the work of others
including product managers and product analysts. 
Key Roles & Responsibilities:  List up to 6 key roles and responsibilities of this
Manage team of product managers and product analysts and provide the
tools and support necessary to deliver on product plans and goals and
individual professional growth. 
Work closely with Marketing, Sales, IS, and other departments at CLIENT to 
ensure timely delivery of quality products.

Work with product managers to evaluate and prioritize product features for 
inclusion into product roadmaps. Provides guidance in integrating feedback
from customers to ensure a cohesive roadmap for the assigned portfolio that
balances the needs of a variety stakeholder groups. 
Develop product portfolio budgets and manage product portfolio P&L to 
meet and exceed goals.

Work directly with customers to translate customer needs into product 
requirements and document requirements.

Advocate and contribute to product vision and definition with the ability to
“sell” ideas internally and foster ownership within the Product Management
Functional Knowledge:  Describe breadth and depth of knowledge of functional
work and activities required 

Must have a deep understanding of software development life cycles and the 
underlying technologies in which CLIENT operates to facilitate solution strategies.
Must also have deep understanding of the product lifecycle and know how to
create and implement strategies for products at each phase of the life cycle. 
Business Expertise:  Describe knowledge and expertise required about the
business and industry in which the business functions 

Specific airline, travel agency, or corporate travel experience is not required but it 
is a plus. Understands the business strategy of CLIENT and our external
customers, and how the product portfolio should adapt to support these
strategies; be able to communicate this throughout the organization. 

The director needs to understand CLIENT’s: 

Strategy & Key Business Objectives 
Business Units and their role in developing and supporting products 
Knowledge areas within the company. 
Networking and peer relationship building is paramount as success in this area is
predicated on other areas of the company support initiatives. 
Leadership: Describe the nature of leadership required and guidance provided to

Must demonstrate Level 3 skills in each of the People Leading Competencies, 
particularly focused on Interpersonal Savvy where diverse communication skills
with customers, employees, peers, and management are required. The director
must create a ‘winning’ attitude among staff and set the example and tone to drive
for product delivery and results. This also includes the ability to show resiliency
when plans go awry and encourage appropriate risk taking. Expected to be a role
model to others in the organization, and to be able to communicate the strategic
vision for CLIENT products both inside and outside the organization. 
Problem Solving:  Describe the level of analytical thinking required to perform
the job 

Must be a problem solver on several levels: (1) Customer. The director of product 
management must be able to quickly learn and understand a customer’s business
problems and identify solutions for the customer; (2) Employee. The director
cannot just solve their staff’s problems. Instead, the director needs to develop
problem solving skills within their organization and empower staff to think critically
to develop solutions on their own; (3) Technical.  Though not tasked with knowing
all the technical details about their products, the director should have an
understanding of the types of technical issues that can arise with their products
and suggest plans of action to resolve issues as they arise. 
Impact: Describe the level of responsibility and resulting impact on the business   
The director will have P&L responsibilities for a portfolio of products representing
a material proportion of CLIENT’s revenues. Poor performance risks creating
significant financial implications for the business. 

Interpersonal Skills:  Describe the level and type of “people skills” that are
normally required to do the job 

The director needs to be an interpersonal communication chameleon who can 
adapt communication styles and interaction to match the audience and situation.
The director must provide staff with a trusting environment to enable professional
and personal growth while at CLIENT. This includes taking an active interest in
the employee’s career and providing mentoring, guidance, and support in helping
the employee achieve their career goals. The director must also be able to
negotiate commitments with internal and external stakeholders. 

Skills/Abilities:  These skills and abilities are not necessarily used in the evaluation of jobs, but will 
be used in the creation of job postings and advertisements. 
Excellent communication skills, both written and oral; Strong presentation skills to both
internal and external stakeholders, including executive level management 
Proven ability to manage and lead multiple product management teams and diverse
product portfolios 
Ability to learn and articulate CLIENT’s strategy and ensure product initiatives achieve
strategic goals 
Ability to define and communicate product strategy (value proposition, solution,
positioning) to technical requirements across multiple levels of the organization 
Strong analytical orientation must understand product success criteria and make build,
enhance, retire decisions 
Deep knowledge and experience in the Product Management discipline 
Proven ability to work in cross functional teams and with all levels of management 
Success Criteria:  Please describe what success looks like for this role.  What would be achieved
if this position was performing as expected? 
This position is successful when: 
Team members are meeting their goals and objectives 
The product portfolio is meeting its financial and strategic goals and objectives 
Staff are developed to take additional responsibility and achieving career development
Successor(s) are identified and developed to move into the Director, Product Management
The portfolio strategy is clearly understood by all members of the team as well as
stakeholders within and external to the Product department 
Customer and industry stakeholders see the Director as a key industry asset 

Background Requirements:  Indicate the level of background required for this position, and the