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Managing others Providing technical expertise (Not Managing Others) Position Summary: Describe below the primary purpose and function of this job Collects and documents high level requirements to support the sequencing of initiatives, project estimation, and resource allocation. Supports Business Technology and Corporate Systems initiatives by gathering requirements which support the alignment of business concepts and initiatives with solutions, either IT based (i.e. a "product" or "tool") or a revised business process leveraging existing tools and/or capabilities. Acts as liaison between an initiative requestor (often Product owner) and the EPMO and Business Technology communities. Acts as critical translator and facilitator between 2 or more groups throughout the project concept and initiation phases.

Key Roles & Responsibilities: List up to 6 key roles and responsibilities of this job.

1. Develop and maintain a thorough knowledge of CLIENT business processes, product concepts and technical domain approaches and methodologies. Work with business partners at all levels, including executives and senior

2. leaders, to elicit and understand high-level requirements and capture business needs for various project types (i.e., IT and non-IT) to support the project intake and initiation process and high-level project estimation. Manage and execute the requirement development process for Business Technology and Corporate Systems initiatives. Take full ownership of requirement development, including education and evangelization of the

3. process. The requirement development process incorporates an evaluation process, where advantages and disadvantages of solution requirement alternatives (trade-offs) are presented by the Business Analyst to the customer/product owner. Ultimately, the customer/product owner has the final input on the actual business requirements for the technology solution.

4. Organize and facilitate requirements gathering meetings/working groups to document requirements, business processes, and work flows.

Support the definition of project business cases (e.g., scope, goals,

5. deliverables, costs, timelines, dependencies, resource requirements, and critical milestones

Act as a liaison between the EPMO/Business Technology and the business
6. units requesting EPMO/Business Technology services. Maintain

relationships that exist and establish relationships that do not exist. Functional Knowledge: Describe breadth and depth of knowledge of functional work and activities required

Develop a knowledge base of CLIENT products, systems, and processes, assuming little or no historical reference and develop into a single authoritative knowledge source. Proactively take ownership of requirements gathering for project intake process. Must be able to analyze data to identify gaps, duplication, or opportunities for improvement and/or streamlining. Must have the ability to manage and prioritize their own workload and provide input to the sequencing of activities.

Business Expertise: Describe knowledge and expertise required about the business and industry in which the business functions

Experience should include relationship development, with both business partners and technical teams. This role is expected to be proficient in the art of developing and maintaining stakeholder, peer and customer relationships. The PMO Business Analyst is expected to ask thoughtful probing questions and analyze data to propose recommendations for process improvement and creative options for approaching initiatives to deliver customer value in a timely manner. The ability to quickly learn existing business processes and product functionality is required.

Leadership: Describe the nature of leadership required and guidance provided to others

This position is expected to perform as an individual contributor. The PMO Business Analyst must be able to interact with all levels of the organization, manage difficult conversations, and facilitate groups to consensus as needed.

Problem Solving: Describe the level of analytical thinking required to perform the job

The PMO Business Analyst position is expected to be an experienced, highly independent critical thinker and timely decision maker. This individual is expected to make decisions, both strategic and tactical, on a day-to-day basis based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative inputs.
Impact: Describe the level of responsibility and resulting impact on the business

Independent analyst that can balance strategic organizational needs with practical and tactical realities. Has the ability to understand customer / user requirements and organize / prioritize by needs and wants; acknowledge the necessity of situational handling, while being constantly aware of opportunities to streamline. Works closely with Project Managers and the Release Manager to identify project interdependencies early in the project initiation phase. Interpersonal Skills: Describe the level and type of "people skills" that are normally required to do the job

High, relationship development is paramount to the success of PMO Business Analyst role. A high level of collaboration and communication, verbal and written, is required. The PMO Business Analyst will work with the appropriate departments (i.e. Business Operations, Business Technology, Finance, and Corporate Security), to identify and document high level requirements for project pipeline planning. Must be able to successfully manage difficult conversations at all levels of the organization from front line employee to executive management with diplomacy and tact. Should be able to recognize issues and work with the necessary stakeholders to recommend solutions. Exceptional communications skills.

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Job Requirements And Qualifications: Indicate the minimum and preferred education and experience for this job and any licenses and certifications required.

Preferred Bachelor''s Degree in
Minimum Education: Bachelor''s Degree Computer Science or
Business Administration

Minimum Experience: 5-7 Years Preferred 6+ years


Skills/Abilities: These skills and abilities are not necessarily used in the evaluation of jobs, but will be used in the creation of job postings and advertisements.

Additional Experience preferred:
o Knowledge of and expertise in CRM systems and process flows.

o Knowledge of and expertise in Financial Systems (Ledger) processes and flows. o Working knowledge of Project Management methodologies and experience

managing small, low complexity projects.

Success Criteria: Please describe what success looks like for this role. What would be achieved if this position was performing as expected?

Determines and advises the most appropriate requirement based response to identified problems/issues by assessing impact, risk / return trade-off and prioritization.

Acts as a model for initiative to others by consistently setting and adhering to high standards of performance.

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Level 2 (criminal + Background Check
Level 1 (criminal only) As required
credit) Frequency:
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