Job Description :
Position   : Data Analyst at 
Location  : Cary NC
Duration : 6+ Months

Required Skills :

·Data Analyst must have these traits/capabilities to be successful.

·Data analysis experience in the insurance industry.

·Experience with standard data-management tools such as business glossaries, data dictionaries, metadata tools, lineage tools, etc.

·Deep experience with data querying tools, particularly on big data platforms.

·Highly detail oriented.

·Impatience and intolerance of errors.

·Able to discern small differences in meaning.

·Able to drive conversations forward and cut off circular conversations.

Job description

·Works with the business, the business data modeler, and the developers to understand what the business is really asking for, how data is represented within individual source systems, how it ties to the business data model and physical data model, the EOS APIs, and upstream systems

·Ensures that the full lineage of data through the Insight UI is fully accounted for and documented

·Ensures that the data provided by the project will meet the business requirements

·Identifies rules for enriching or deriving data on the database

·Identifies data quality expectations for attribute, entity, and feed-level data which are actionable/implementable by dataquality developers

·Verify, after data has loaded, that all data meets expectations at a detailed level