Video conferencing is a very effective tool for communicating with clients when it is not possible for the parties to be physically present at the same place. It is widely used for conducting interviews. It is also more economical and time-saving when compared to face-to-face meetings. When you are in a video conference interview, it is important to make a good impression. Here are a few etiquette tips to help you during an interview:

• In a video conference interview, all participants should introduce themselves in turns. If there are more than two to three people in a conference, write down their names to ensure that you address them correctly in future.
• Pause after the interviewer has finished speaking. Sometimes, there can be delays in receiving audio and video.
• Communicate in short sentences. Use a clear voice when talking. Talk in a normal voice range. Most microphones are capable of picking your voice effectively. Also, ensure that you listen carefully when the interviewer talks to you.
• At the end of a video conference, summarize your points and inform the interviewer whether you are interested in the job or not. If you are, clarify the steps that will follow.

Pay attention to your physical appearance

Shirts in pastels teamed with ties with simple patterns can be a good combination. Avoid wearing shirts one solid color like red, navy, black or even white. Stripes, plaids and patterns that are complex should also not be worn in a video conference interview. Make-up elements and jewelry that are glossy and shiny can reflect light. This can be quite distracting for the person watching you.

Adopt a confident body language

When you talk to the interviewer, look directly at the monitor. This will be similar to when you are face-to-face with the interviewer and looking him in the eye. Avoid moving around too much or using excessive gestures. These movements can be quite distracting to the interviewer.
Photo Courtesy: live-conferencing on Flickr