With in a fragile economy where mass layoffs and extensive cost-cutting programs have become the norm, there is always the fear that you may be the next one to get the pink slip. While it is normal to feel stressed out in such scenarios, you can concentrate on looking for your next job instead. There is no ‘perfect’ time to look for a new job. It is a good idea to be on the lookout for new career opportunities and devote some time to researching new job trends.

While it may sound surprising, employees’ job search activities actually wane in a poor economy. They prefer staying put, and begin a more active search when the economy improves and there are enhanced career advancement opportunities. But a sudden decision to jump ship (or one that is forced as a result of a job termination) makes for many lost opportunities that you could have capitalized on were you more active in your job search. A golden rule is to be always ready to grab new career opportunities when your present job doesn’t meet your goals and expectations, or if you are on the brink of a layoff.

Never close your eyes to the job market

The savviest professionals are those that are constantly considering exciting career moves. Even in a particularly weak job market, these professionals build and nurture their personal networks, and are ready to make the leap when the market improves and recruitment picks up. It is therefore a good idea to build your social and online network to get introduced to new opportunities that you may not otherwise have chanced upon.

Another aspect is to explore new options and see if you can provide your services in more emerging industries. As IT is all-pervasive and there is a decent enough demand for IT skills even during difficult economic times, there is a good chance that emerging sectors may have a requirement for your services.

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