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SAP HANA Administration and Migration
Expert Live + Courseware + Practice Exam + Mentoring
SAP HANA Administration and Migration
  • SAP HANA combines database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in-memory. The platform provides libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, spatial, and business analytics so businesses can build and deploy next-generation real time applications and analytics processing across big data sources and structures. SAP HANA heralds a new architecture that enables converged OLTP and OLAP data processing within a single in-memory column-based data store with ACID compliance, while eliminating data redundancy and latency. SAP HANA administration / migration online training course imparts deep understanding on HANA platform in real life along with best practices & emerging trends. The training course is constantly upgraded/refined to maintain sync with Industry requirements. Experienced & Certified technologists deliver the training programs & mentor the trainees. Certification The material covered in the training program is geared towards SAP HANA Certification HA200. TechFetch and Wharfedale Technologies TechFetch Academy partnered with Wharfedale Technologies to bring finest quality training content, known for in-depth treatment of concepts. This is a comprehensive course, designed to help you to hit the ground running as a SAP HANA expert. More value at less cost. This course gives you all of the benefits of a live class at just a fraction of the cost.
Course Details
1. SAP HANA Landscape Elements
  • SAP HANA components, versions , and scenarios
2. SAP HANA Architecture
  • SAP HANA persistence
  • How to size SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA and its scale out options
3. SAP HANA Tools
  • SAP HANA studio for administrator
  • DBA Cockpit
  • Pre & Post Installation of SAP HANA
  • Preparing SAP HANA installation
  • On-site configuration tool
  • Post installation steps
4. SAP HANA basis Operations
  • Starting and stopping SAP HANA
  • Backup and recovery
  • Maintaining Users and Authorizations
  • Periodic manual task
  • Monitoring capabilities with HANA studio
  • Monitoring with DBACOCKPIT
  • Software Lifecycle Management
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot SAP HANA
  • Each student will be provided with FREE individual SAP HANA ONE access for a duration of 30 days. Access beyond 30 days can be purchased from www.wftcloud.com
Table of Contents for HANA Manual (A free copy will be provided for each student):
Unit 1. SAP HANA Picture
  • 1.1 Introduction to SAP HANA
  • 1.2 SAP HANA Platform Overview
  • 1.3 Hardware Innovations
  • 1.4 Column vs Row Store
  • 1.5 Central Role Played By HANA
  • 1.6 SAP HANA Database performance reasons
Unit 2. SAP HANA Appliance
  • 2.1 SAP HANA Appliance Software
  • 2.2 SAP HANA Memory Overview-Where we stand
  • 2.3 SAP HANA Proof Points
  • 2.4 SAP Naming Update
  • 2.5 SAP HANA as in In-Memory Computing Solution
  • 2.6 SAP HANA as an Enabler of Big Data Solutions
  • 2.7 SAP HANA Capabilities
  • 2.8 Getting Started with SAP HANA
Unit 3. SAP HANA Architecture
  • 3.1 SAP HANA Architecture
  • 3.2 Data Analysis on SAP HANA
  • 3.3 Deployment Scenario on SAP HANA
  • 3.4 Sizing for SAP HANA Database
  • 3.5 Persistence Layer in SAP HANA Database
Unit 4. SAP HANA
  • 4.1 SAP HANA is
  • 4.2 SAP HANA Database
  • 4.3 SAP HANA Version 1.0
  • 4.4 Data Load Architecture Scenario for SAP HANA
  • 4.5 Daily Challenges of SAP HANA
  • 4.6 SAP HANA Server Installation
  • 4.7 SAP HANA Database Client Installation
Unit 5. SAP HANA Backup & Recovery
  • 5.1 SAP HANA Backup
  • 5.2 Backup & Recovery
  • 5.3 Backup & Recovery Features
Unit 6. SAP HANA Studio
  • 6.1 SAP HANA Studio
  • 6.2 SAP HANA Studio Features
  • 6.3 SAP HANA System Landscape
  • 6.4 SAP BW Powered By HANA
Unit 7. SAP BW on HANA Migration
  • 7.1 Introduction
  • 7.2 Implementation Scenario
  • 7.3 Prerequisites and Implementation Considerations
  • 7.4 Important SAP Notes
  • 7.5 SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA Database
  • 7.6 Information relevant for SAP NW BW 7.30 on HANA
Unit 8. SAP BW on HANA sizing
  • 8.1 Sizing SAP In-Memory Database
  • 8.2 BW on HANA sizing: How to size a single node system
  • 8.3 BW on HANA Sizing: How to Size HANA Systems
Unit 9. Initial Installation of SAP Netweaver BW7.3 on the SAP HANA Database
  • 9.1 Introduction to SAP SWPM
  • 9.2 Introduction to Sum
  • 9.3 SUM Process Overview Report at a Glance
  • 9.4 Implementing SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 Running on SAP HANA Database
  • 9.5 Homogenous System Copy
  • 9.6 Heterogeneous System Copy
  • 9.7 Conversion of Single Code Page Systems to Unicode
  • 9.8 BW System Copy Post Steps
UNIT 10. SAP HANA Deployment Scenario

UNIT 11. SAP HANA Virtualized with VMware vSphere

  • 12.1 Migration for SAP ERP on SAP HANA
Target Audience
  • IT professionals, Experienced SAP consultants, Aspiring IT professionals and fresh graduates too
Class Schedule
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Eastern Time (New York)*
Class Schedule
January 2014
20 classes
10 AM - 12 noon (all days)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Our standard policy is that purchases are considered final, and no refunds are possible.

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No. If you have an internet connection, you should be able to access courses from Windows, Mac OS devices, and even tablets.

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Definitely! If you have an internet connection, you should be able to access courses from Windows, Mac OS devices, and even tablets.

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8. How long will a course take to complete?

It varies from student to student, and from course to course. However, on average, it is prudent to budget around 50-hours per single exam.

9. Who do I contact for any clarifications?

Our helpdesk team is available on all working days from 8AM – 6PM New York Time (Eastern Standard Time).

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  • Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (India) – A certified provider of Cloud SAP Services & Systems
    Founded in 2000, Wharfedale Technologies, Inc. (WFT) is a leader in providing innovative solutions to enterprise and mid-tier customers. Headquartered in New Jersey, WFT has personnel located both the US and India. WFT has 200 customers distributed globally.
    WFT now offers a comprehensive SAP HANA administration / migration online training. WFT's SAP HANA administration / migration online training course is aimed at enabling the trainees to be practically well versed (productive) & at the same time be familiar with Industry best practices & emerging trends. WFT's SAP HANA administration / migration online training course will be constantly upgraded / refined to maintain sync with Industry requirements. Experienced & Certified technologists deliver the training programs & mentor the trainees. WFT trainers combine technology expertise with cognitive understanding in ensuring each of the trainees is able to learn & apply complex of technologies with relative ease. WFT's SAP HANA administration / migration online training programs are offered in different formats & patterns to suit the convenience of the target audience.