Job Description :
Project Scope- duties of position

Provide expert technical architecture for urgent, high priority initiatives with short timeframes directed from the Governor''s Office, such as SAFE Act, NICS or Justice Center for directed from the OMH Cabinet, such as Employee Voluntary Reassignment System. Lead technical architect for several applications, including but not limited to, Patient Characteristics Survey (PCS,) Electronic Document Management (EDM), Mental Health Background Check (MHBC), and using .Net, C#, PL/SQL, FileNet and various other programming tools. The candidate will lead a team of senior level programmers and develop best practices for application development and integration with other software. As well as various Health Cluster Projects as needed.

Daily Tasks will include but are not limited to the following:
Develop technical architecture for new applications and re-architect existing applications; Prepare and present technical architecture documentation to Architecture Review Board.
Participate in business analysis and systems development lifecycle.
Utilizing Microsoft Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Servicer, write code using VB.Net, CNET, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, XML and WCF.
Oracle database design, development & PL/SQL coding.
Data manipulation, including manipulation of Protected Health Information data.
Utilize enterprise service bus.
Code applications that access Protected Health Information.

Expert Level
You must be an Expert Technical Architect with documented employment experience of 7+ years (84+ months

- You must have technical experience centered around a technology, technologies or a portfolio of applications. Designing and implementing Information
Technology solutions.

- You must be able to provide leadership of large teams and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.

PART B: Requested Desirable Qualifications: The numbered qualifications below are not mandatory, but candidates should meet or exceed in duration and skill set target asked for, at least 4 of numbers 1 through 8.
84 Months Experience creating formal Technical Architecture documentation based on system requirements.
84 Months Demonstrated experience using Microsoft Visual Studio to develop complex applications in C# and/or Visual Basic .NET for n-tier web deployment.
84 Months Demonstrated experience with Oracle: Database design, PL SQL coding, stored procedures, packages, indexes, triggers, creating tables, etc. including the use of a tool to write and test SQL code and manipulate data (such as Toad
84 Months Demonstrated experience interpreting and analyzing complex business requirements and building the logic within an application''s code to meet those requirements.
48 Months Demonstrated experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) application integration including development of secure .Net web-services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), message processing, and an Enterprise Service Bus.
48 Months Demonstrated work experience coding and maintaining applications which contain Health Care data that fall under HIPAA Protected Health Information (PHI
48 Months Demonstrated work experience developing web applications that conform to requirements contained in NYS IT Policy NYS-P08-005, Accessibility of Web-Based Information and Applications.
24 Months Demonstrated work experience as development team member in projects utilizing the AGILE framework with SCRUM methodology.

Client : State of Newyork